Jul 20, 2023

ProCARE Kicks Off Their 2023 Summer Internship Program



We are thrilled to kick off ProCARE’s Summer Internship Program for 2023! This program presents a remarkable opportunity for ambitious students to make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry. 

At ProCARE, we are committed to fostering caring cultures in healthcare through technology, conversations, and advocacy. Our internship program not only introduces young talent to the world of healthcare but also educates the next generation and drives transformation through our CARE Culture initiative.

Internship Purpose & Objectives

The ProCARE Summer Internship Program aims to empower students to contribute to the advancement of the CARE Culture while developing valuable skills and knowledge. 

Throughout the program, our interns will work on various projects aligned with our mission and objectives including:

Understanding The Fundamentals of The Healthcare Industry

During ProCARE’s Summer Internship Program, our interns will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of healthcare. From startups to professional services, marketing to cybersecurity, our interns will explore the ins and outs of the healthcare industry. 

By learning about startups, they will uncover innovative approaches and entrepreneurial mindsets that drive transformative solutions. Understanding professional services will provide insights into the administrative elements that are critical to healthcare organizations. 

Additionally, through marketing training, interns will develop essential skills to effectively promote healthcare initiatives and engage diverse audiences. They will also receive valuable knowledge in cybersecurity, ensuring they comprehend the importance of safeguarding sensitive healthcare data. ProCARE’s Summer Internship Program aims to equip interns with a full understanding of the world of healthcare, enabling them to become future leaders in the industry.

Conducting Research, Identifying Opportunities

ProCARE’s summer interns will also have the opportunity to assemble interview questions and conduct provider, user and customer interviews. This hands-on experience will enable them to collect unbiased feedback and valuable information on specific topics, helping us improve our products and services as well as understand the current state of healthcare and possibilities for the future.

Creating CARE Culture Awareness

Our interns will dive deep into the CARE Culture, identifying its pillars, understanding the strategies, and curating data on the current state of the CARE Culture in healthcare. They will be actively involved in creating research tools to engage and understand the current state of the CARE Culture in healthcare. 

By examining and promoting the CARE Culture, ProCARE aims to transform healthcare systems and empower the future generation of healthcare leaders.

Curating Effective Communication Strategies 

Our summer interns will also develop their skills in curating and communicating data on the CARE Culture from multiple sources. They will learn how to effectively communicate the fundamentals, strategies, and outcomes of the CARE Culture, ensuring that the message reaches diverse audiences. Our interns will also get to experience the CARE Culture first-hand, through ProCARE events and team activities. 

Overall, ProCARE’s 2023 Summer Internship Program presents a unique opportunity for students who are passionate about making a difference in the healthcare industry. By joining our program, these individuals will develop essential marketing skills, gain insights into the CARE Culture, and contribute to our mission of creating caring cultures in healthcare. 

Together, we are building a future where empathy, communication, and teamwork thrive within healthcare organizations. 

“Thank you ProCARE for working with us and organizing this internship program! I enjoyed the entire process and learned a lot. I greatly appreciate all the feedback and help you provided along the way!” -Brandon Zheng, ProCARE Summer Intern

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