Nov 14, 2023

ProCARE: Revolutionizing Compensation Management in Healthcare



In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, organizations are constantly seeking innovative solutions to adapt and thrive. ProCARE stands out as a game-changer in the industry, setting itself apart from competitors through a combination of forward-thinking strategies and cutting-edge technology. 

In this article, we explore how ProCARE’s unique approach is transforming compensation management and empowering healthcare providers and organizations.

Many solutions on the market are not addressing the entire problem.

Your comp system should be addressing the workflow from source system data transformations all the way through business rule automation that consider: 

  • general compensation needs
  • provider visibility
  • FMV/legal review
  • business analytics (managers, finance, leaders)
  • full accrual automation
  • provider roster/FTE/assignment, exceptions, adjustments (for any reason)
  • modeling/shadowing (new plans, fee schedule, rate, benchmarking changes etc)
  • complex calculations such as proration, contract to date, rolling calculations (e.g. rolling 12)

Your comp, ops and finance team should not be left dealing with caveats outside the system or fighting with data corrections or calculations fed into your comp system.

Organic Growth and Client Self-Service 

ProCARE’s commitment to organic growth and client self-service is a testament to its dedication to client success. The company empowers existing clients to easily manage complex models and breathe new life into their compensation strategies. 

Clients can add more measures, change goals, targets, and other variables, allowing them to adapt swiftly to changing healthcare dynamics.

Flexible Value Strategies 

ProCARE empowers healthcare organizations to tailor their value strategies according to their unique needs. 

Clients can fine-tune their compensation models by adding or reducing measures for specific specialties or divisions. They can also adjust funding pool mechanisms and modify thresholds and targets to ensure greater alignment with their goals. 

This flexibility ensures that compensation models remain dynamic and responsive to evolving healthcare requirements.

truRVU™: A Game-Changer

One of ProCARE’s standout features is truRVU™, a groundbreaking product designed to streamline data transformations and compensation calculations. This comp tool extension can address source system issues for any compensation need.

Specifically with encounter data, traditional methods often struggle with modifier adjustments, bilateral procedures, and inconsistent compensation adjudication. 

ProCARE addresses these challenges by enabling organizations to fully adjudicate modifier adjustments and provide accurate compensation for services, ensuring fair payment for providers.

Innovation and Investment

ProCARE’s commitment to innovation and investment in its platform sets it apart from competitors. The company continuously evolves its platform to keep pace with the changing healthcare landscape. 

Certified coders and a dedicated strategic services team work tirelessly to enhance ProCARE’s capabilities and provide clients with cutting-edge solutions. By managing processes in their entirety, ProCARE facilitates clients moving to team-based components and transforming to value-based care.  

Nimbleness and Transparency

ProCARE clients value nimbleness and transparency. Unlike rigid solutions that constrain organizations, ProCARE empowers them to adapt and evolve their compensation strategies in real-time. 

This flexibility allows organizations to respond promptly to new challenges and opportunities, ensuring provider engagement and satisfaction.

Risk-Based Models with Real-Time Visibility 

ProCARE helps organizations transition from traditional annual compensation models to risk-based models with real-time visibility. This transformation enables providers to see how risk-based indicators affect their pay in real-time, rather than waiting for an annual “savings check.” 

ProCARE integrates risk-based indicators into compensation models, providing a scalable and transparent approach to compensation management.

Prerequisites for Success with ProCARE 

ProCARE emphasizes the importance of leadership buy-in, data processing prioritization, and technology alignment within an organization. 

Successful ProCARE implementation requires collaboration among leadership, IT teams, and compensation experts. This alignment ensures that data integration, gap identification, and future-ready compensation models are seamlessly executed.

The Future of Compensation in Healthcare

ProCARE envisions a future where compensation strategies extend beyond physicians to include ancillary providers, nurse teams, and other staff members. This holistic approach aligns incentives across the healthcare spectrum, fostering collaboration and a shared commitment to patient care.

In conclusion, ProCARE’s innovative approach to compensation management sets us apart as a leader in the healthcare industry. Our dedication to client success, commitment to innovation, and emphasis on flexibility and transparency make our platform the go-to solution for healthcare organizations looking to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. 

ProCARE is not just a platform; it’s a partner in shaping the future of healthcare compensation. Now is the time to embrace the transformation that ProCARE offers and lead the way towards a more agile and equitable healthcare system. 

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