What our Customers are Saying!



What our Customers are Saying!

“No matter what, I think any company is going to have some exceptions and if your system can handle the exceptions to the rule, they won’t be quite as burdensome on your support staff. ProCARE’s system has allowed us to do this.”

Kathleen Ward

Director, Revenue Analysis Pathway Vet Alliance

"We spent so much time manually updating our excel workbooks and reports constantly, with every comp change and personnel change. Having ProCARE has been a game changer for us!"

Judy N.

Manager, Enterprise Medical Group, National specialty care network

"ProCARE provides strategic and operational capabilities that allow organizations to manage the growing complexity of provider compensation models and drive its culture and economic position."

Justin C.

Director of Operations, National healthcare consulting firm

"ProCARE Portal's innovation is Star Trek compared to what we've done in the past!"

Jeff S.

CFO, Physician Group Integrated care network

"ProCARE Portal is a revolutionizing technology in a pivotal area of the healthcare market."

Max R.

President, Healthcare strategy consulting firm