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“They do a great job customizing to what we need, and that’s the most important thing.”

- David Roshan, Senior Incentive Compensation Analyst

“You always have the unknowns whenever you get into a sales pitch - when you don’t really get the bones of the system and truly how it’s going to go. ProCARE alleviated these fears with the workshop.”

- Kathleen Ward, Director, Revenue Analysis


"Our team's unique combination of domain expertise - provider comp management, ICM software and healthcare operations management - is really what allows us to truly give clients what we're selling."

- Matt BonDurant, Founder & Senior Partner | ProCARE

Getting Started with ProCARE

We follow a very specific process to ensure we're the right fit for your organization, and the best outcome for your team.


Introductory Call

Uncover your primary comp management challenges, opportunities to automate & optimize your processes and schedule a demo of our platform.


Product Demo

An overview of our solution, geared towards your Ops team members with direct/indirect involvement in the comp process.


Live Workshop

A 3-4 week practical, hands-on engagement where we take you through our implementation process and deliver the platform with a limited scope