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ProCARE Portal - physician and provider compensation management software
ProCARE Portal - physician and provider compensation management software

ProCARE Platform

ProCARE, an acronym for Provider Compensation Automation Rules Engine, is an enterprise healthcare Provider Compensation Management (PCM) software platform that enables administrators and leadership of healthcare provider organizations to manage and process incentive compensation for physicians and advanced practice providers easier, timelier, and more accurately through the automation of data management, compensation calculation, and manual business processes.

We serve provider groups across the public and private sectors in healthcare organizations of all types including specialty, dental, and veterinary care networks. Learn more by watching our product video.

ProCARE Clients

health system

Health System

Create alignment throughout the health system with scalable, optimized, physician compensation models and centralized management of disparate data sources across an increasingly vast provider population and complex compensation arrangements. Automate the end-to-end compensation process so you can focus on strategy rather than drowning in manual processes.


Hospital/Medical Group

Manage a variety of provider and contract types in community hospitals, academic hospitals, and physician groups. Bucket incentives and payments accurately across clinical, academic, research and admin efforts. Improve physician integration strategy across all specialties in compliance with fair market value while incentivizing behavior beyond fee-for-service.

veterinary care

Specialty Provider Networks

Alleviate the operational burden and stresses of on-boarding new practices and clinics within your network of Derm, PT, Dentistry, and Veterinary practices with complex, varying provider contracts and compensation arrangements by automating the end-to-end compensation process. Integrate various PMS source systems and automate the resolution/translation of all data anomalies so that you can focus on strategy rather than babysitting processes.

ProCARE Portal - physician and provider compensation management software

Why ProCARE?

Our tried and true product innovation, architecture, and delivery methodology is adapted from two decades of Incentive Compensation Management design and delivery experience across Fortune 100 and 500 verticals. Average initial implementation from discovery to delivery is completed in 14 weeks by us with minimal client support. Comp plan changes and on-boarding of providers can be completed in minutes going forward by you, without any recurring overhead.

Automate Physician Compensation

Automate ANY Compensation Model Immediately:

Through a fully configurable rules engine, users can easily create complex conditional logic and manage variable elements like rates and thresholds across the organizational hierarchy from the enterprise level, across service lines, specialties, groups and down to each individual provider. With ProCARE, automation of comp plans that support your strategy does not require you to “streamline", "standardize”, or "simplify" them first.

Transparent Actionable Results

Transparent, Timely, and Actionable Results Data:

The ProCARE rules engine is not a black box. Based on cascading phases in its framework, intermediary calculations and results leading up to all payments are completely transparent and actionable on feature-rich statements and dashboards.

ProCARE Outcomes

ProCARE moves your organization towards a value-based future as it enables you to bridge the gap between strategic goals, payment methodologies, and care pathways and drive alignment across the organization from payers to providers to ultimately improve quality and cost outcomes. Schedule a demo with us today, and let us show you how ProCARE can help you do more!

Automate First

Step 1 - AUTOMATE Current State Comp:

In order advance your compensation models to an optimized state, taking complete control of your current compensation processes first is a necessity.

Optimize Provider Compensation

Step 2 - OPTIMIZE Future State Comp:

With ProCARE in place, you have the time and the tools to model, evaluate, and optimize your compensation plans.

ProCARE Portal - physician and provider compensation management software

Effective Results

ProCARE increases the efficiency, accuracy, and transparency of provider compensation management to give back time and focus so you can do more.

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Reduction in Comp
Processing Time

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Reduction in Errors
and Discrepancies

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Reduction in Plan Evaluation
and Analysis Time and Effort

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Reduction in Provider
Dispute Incidents


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