We know the pains of managing physician compensation today.

Restore Compensation Integrity and Peace of Mind

ProCARE Features

Supports ANY Model w/o ANY Custom Development:

Through a fully-configurable rules engine, users can configure complex conditional logic utilizing discrete fields from any source and reference data and manage variables and comp elements across the org hierarchy from the enterprise plan level down to individual provider level. There is never a need to “streamline" or "standardize” models first.

Proven Product Architecture & Delivery Methodology:

Our product innovation and architecture is rooted in Incentive Compensation Management across Fortune 100 verticals as is our implementation and delivery methodology. Average initial implementation competed in 14 weeks is done by us, and plan changes/on-boarding of providers completed in minutes going forward is done by you, without any recurring overhead.

Integrate and load source data with ease

Integrate and load source data with ease

ProCARE Data Transfer Utility (DTU), a built-in data transfer tool that allows on-demand as well as automated scheduled loading of source data into ProCARE from practice management systems, EHRs, etc.

Configure and manage plans fluidly

Configure and manage plans fluidly

Configure and manage compensation components on the fly including bonus pool, salary, revenue based incentives, variable pay, and key performance indicators such as quality, patient sat, productivity, citizenship metrics.

Visualize and track performance in real-time

Visualize and track performance in real-time

Dashboards to show meaningful metrics at a quick glance by period, plan, KPI, specialty, provider, including contract components, payments vs incentive targets, performance vs goals.

Store compensation reference data securely

Store compensation reference data securely

Specialties, provider roles, provider types (i.e.-physician and advanced practice providers), team assignments, benchmarks, rate tables (productivity/quality thresholds), custom tables, variable goals, population subsets, payer attributes.

Automate comp processing and results

Automate comp processing and results

Automate compensation processing – data aggregation, incremental calculations, and reports generation based on compensation rules configuration that publishes reports showing all calculations for total transparency and traceability.

Generate outputs for downstream systems

Generate outputs for downstream systems

Generate outputs for downstream systems integration such as Accounting general ledger accruals and Human Resources payfile.

ProCARE Outcomes

Equipped with a platform to adjudicate, administer, and optimize any compensation plan, now you can correctly incentivize physicians and advance practice providers and affect reform throughout the system. Schedule a demo with us today, and let us show you how ProCARE can make your team and organization better!

Step 1 - Automate Current State Comp:

To advance your compensation models to an optimized future state, automating your current compensation processes first is a must.

Step 2 - Optimize Future State Comp:

With ProCARE in place, you now have the tools and the time to model, evaluate, and optimize your compensation plans.

Automate Manual Process

Eliminate the challenges of managing disparate, manual data and tons of spreadsheets with a fully configurable, rules-driven comp automation platform that resolves current pains while driving future goals and strategy.

Ensure Visibility to Compliance

Visibility to outliers and potential breaches in contracts or compliance such as FMV is achieved through rules-driven automated alerts that notify admins when a certain floor/ceiling, relative threshold, or rule violation has been triggered.

Increase Accuracy & Efficiency

A significant reduction in FTE hours spent on comp management and delivery as well as a significant reduction in errors can be realized.This allows staff to focus more on optimization and other operational initiatives.

Increase Retention & Satisfaction

With the tools to optimize and align incentives to payment and care models, functionality to enhance visibility to outliers, and the transparency to audit and trace payments back to source comp events, physician trust, retention, and satisfaction levels are increased as is the admin staffs.

Optimize Provider Incentives

Incentive modeling and what-if scenario analysis provides the insight to optimize compensation models and plans. Comp variables such as wRVU goals and rates can be easily modified and set at any level in the org hierarchy (by provider, team, group, specialty) and driven by any number of blended benchmark thresholds.

Maximize Payments

The tools to align incentives to value-based care models not only drive intrinsic behaviors that yield better outcomes (care collaboration, team utilization, and population health) but also maximize reimbursements and drastically reduces economic disparity over time.