ProCARE Outcomes

Equipped with a platform to adjudicate, administer, and optimize any compensation plan, now you can correctly incentivize physicians and advanced practitioners and affect reform throughout the system.


Optimize the compensation process


Drive operational improvements throughout the organization

Align/ Retain/ Recruit Providers

Align / Retain / Recruit Providers

  • Elevate provider trust and comprehension of comp models
  • Reduce compensation disputes through full transparency
  • Improve provider and organization relations and utility
  • Align physician incentives to contract terms and expectations
  • Streamline contract negotiation/comp design process with modeling
    capabilities and outputs
Eliminate Errors and Risks

Eliminate Errors and Risks

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Reduce human error and improve accuracy
  • Audit user changes of comp plans/data elements
  • Reduce admin burnout
  • Deliver timely compensation
Overcome Org Growing Pains and Complexities

Overcome Org Growing Pains and Complexities

  • Scale your incentive comp program easily and seamlessly
  • Manage increasingly large provider bases and complex comp models
  • Close the gap between comp methodology and organizational goals
    and strategy
Move towards Cost to Zero

Move towards Cost to Zero

  • Maximize value based reimbursement
  • Improve bottom line through efficiency and automation
  • Ensure compliance and mitigate risk of lawsuits
  • Empower managers and leaders to focus on other operational improvements