ProCARE Outcomes

ProCARE moves your organization towards a value-based future as it enables you to bridge the gap between strategic goals, payment methodologies, and care pathways and drive alignment across the organization from payers to providers to ultimately improve quality and cost outcomes. Schedule a demo with us today, and let us show you how ProCARE can help you do more!

Automate First

Step 1 - AUTOMATE Current State Comp:

In order advance your compensation models to an optimized state, taking complete control of your current compensation processes first is a necessity.

Optimize Provider Compensation

Step 2 - OPTIMIZE Future State Comp:

With ProCARE in place, you have the time and the tools to model, evaluate, and optimize your compensation plans.

ProCARE Portal - physician and provider compensation management software

ProCARE Value

We are always focused on creating value for our customers, even before the first pay file is generated out of ProCARE. Through training and deliverables during our implementation process, you'll see how ProCARE allows you to manage and think about physician compensation in a different, more efficient and scalable manner. We acknowledge the fact that it is difficult to pinpoint the exact ROI of a Provider Compensation Management system when there is so much pervasive value that will be realized across the organization as a direct or indirect result of implementing such a system. However, it is easy to see and feel the immediate value when you're not frantically fighting fires against the clock at every period close.

automate comp models

Step 1 - Automate Current State Comp:

To advance your compensation models to an optimized future state, automating your current compensation processes first is a must.

optimize comp models

Step 2 - Optimize Future State Comp:

With ProCARE in place, you now have the tools and the time to model, evaluate, and optimize your compensation plans.

Automate Manual Process

Eliminate the challenges of managing disparate, manual data and tons of spreadsheets with fully configurable, rules-driven comp automation that resolves current pains and complex uses cases including contract changes, proration, FTE adjustments and true up logic while driving future strategy.

Ensure Visibility to Compliance

Visibility to outliers and potential breaches in contracts or compliance such as FMV is achieved through rules-driven automated alerts that notify admins when a certain floor/ceiling, relative threshold, or rule violation has been triggered.

Increase Accuracy, Efficiency, & Bandwidth

Significant reductions in FTE hours spent on compensation management and delivery, significant reductions in errors and disputes, and ensuring accuracy of calculations and reporting is an immediate value. This gives you the bandwidth to "do more" and focus on optimization and other operational initiatives.

Increase Relations, Retention & Satisfaction

With the tools to optimize and align incentives to payment and care models, functionality to enhance visibility to outliers, and the transparency to audit and trace payments back to source comp events, physician's trust, retention, and satisfaction levels are increased as is the admin staffs'.

Optimize Provider Incentives

Incentive modeling and what-if scenario analysis provides the insight to optimize compensation models and plans. Comp variables such as wRVU goals and rates can be easily modified and set at any level in the org hierarchy (by provider, team, group, specialty) and driven by any number of blended benchmark thresholds.

Maximize Payments

The tools to align incentives to value-based care models not only drive intrinsic behaviors that yield better outcomes (care collaboration, team utilization, and population health) but also maximize reimbursements and drastically reduces economic disparity over time.


What our Customers are Saying!



What our Customers are Saying!

“No matter what, I think any company is going to have some exceptions and if your system can handle the exceptions to the rule, they won’t be quite as burdensome on your support staff. ProCARE’s system has allowed us to do this.”

Kathleen Ward

Director, Revenue Analysis Pathway Vet Alliance

"We spent so much time manually updating our excel workbooks and reports constantly, with every comp change and personnel change. Having ProCARE has been a game changer for us!"

Judy N.

Manager, Enterprise Medical Group, National specialty care network

"ProCARE provides strategic and operational capabilities that allow organizations to manage the growing complexity of provider compensation models and drive its culture and economic position."

Justin C.

Director of Operations, National healthcare consulting firm

"ProCARE Portal's innovation is Star Trek compared to what we've done in the past!"

Jeff S.

CFO, Physician Group Integrated care network

"ProCARE Portal is a revolutionizing technology in a pivotal area of the healthcare market."

Max R.

President, Healthcare strategy consulting firm