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Born in the Trenches – When we say we know what it is like to manage physician compensation, we really mean it. ProCARE was created BY compensation managers FOR compensation managers and the people directly involved in the compensation process to restore its integrity and peace of mind and to help improve the overall healthcare system. ProCARE Portal was created through the collaboration of industry expertise across three main pillars:

  • Incentive/Value Compensation ManagementIncentive/Value Compensation Management
  • Healthcare Operations and AdministrationHealthcare Operations and Administration
  • SaaS Application Engineering and DevelopmentSaaS Application Engineering and Development


Our mission is to empower the people who are making paradigm shifts in healthcare from fee-for-service systems to value models by providing a compensation management platform to analyze, adjudicate, and administer incentive-based provider compensation plans.


Jack Liu

Jack Liu, Managing Partner

Product Development and InnovationWith extensive experience in software development, Incentive Compensation Management, and the implementation and delivery of compensation solutions, Jack is an innovator that is passionate about solving business problems through technology and automation. Jack draws upon his experience from various Fortune 100 and 500 companies across multiple verticals to develop a disruptive technology solution specifically aimed at the physician compensation market. His visionary leadership has shaped a platform that will optimize and advance physician compensation delivery in the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry.

Matt BonDurant

Matt BonDurant, Managing Partner

Business Development and Client SuccessMatt’s background in physician practice operations has provided exposure to the routine challenges of provider organizations and opportunities for process and delivery improvement. Through this experience and the lack of specialized tools to address those challenges, Matt has contributed to defining the business case for ProCARE Portal. Matt appreciates the complexities and uniqueness of health organizations and provider relationships, and the impact of technology solutions on healthcare delivery and compensation methods that drive value across the organization and ultimately down to the patient.

Chris Barko

Chris Barko, Managing Partner

Engineering and Information TechnologyChris is a seasoned technologist who has extensive experience delivering scalable solutions across the entire technological spectrum. These solutions span functional and technical areas ranging from enterprise and web applications development and support to data analytics and business intelligence reporting to sustainable data management and governance. Chris adds tremendous value to our leadership by leveraging his experience working with Fortune 100 and 500 financial and healthcare companies to ensure that the ProCARE Portal platform is robust, secure and of quality that is second to none.

Coker Group

Coker Group, Advisory Partner – Consulting and Strategic Services

To enhance our leadership support with the breadth and depth of industry expertise, ProCARE has established a partnership with a leading healthcare consulting company. Coker Group provides us with over 30 years of industry experience in healthcare management services and resources throughout the country with expertise in compensation, value, strategy, operations, finance and technology.