May 10, 2024

National Provider Compensation and Workforce Strategy Conference



Feeling the squeeze? We all know the healthcare industry is facing challenges with provider compensation and workforce strategy. That’s why the ProCARE team was front and center at the National Provider Compensation and Workforce Strategy Conference hosted by AAPCP in Nashville, Tennessee. 

This conference serves as a premier gathering for experts across the healthcare industry to delve into the challenges and opportunities surrounding provider compensation, financial alignment, and overall workforce strategy. 

With three days packed full of insights from 25 esteemed speakers, the conference provided an invaluable platform for ProCARE to further our understanding and contribute to the ongoing dialogue shaping the future of healthcare compensation and workforce management.

ProCARE: On a Mission to Inspire Healthcare Transformation

ProCARE is dedicated to revolutionizing the way healthcare providers are valued, motivated, and rewarded. Our mission is to optimize compensation structures to align patients, providers, and healthcare organizations, ultimately leading to improved population health, reduced costs of care, enhanced patient and provider experiences, and equity across all measures between populations. 

With a foundation built on over two decades of expertise in incentive compensation management (ICM) across Fortune 100 and 500 verticals, ProCARE brings a unique blend of knowledge in ICM software, provider compensation, and healthcare strategy and management. Our user-driven, rules-based compensation platform sets us apart, making complex incentive compensation management seamless and scalable.

ProCARE’s three founders – Jack Liu, Matt BonDurant and Darius Hodge – were all in attendance at the third annual AAPCP conference, engaging in riveting conversations with innovative and passionate healthcare compensation professionals.

ProCARE’s Breakout Session: Advancing Team-Based Care Compensation Models

During the conference, ProCARE’s Founder and Senior Partner, Matt BonDurant, hosted a breakout session titled ‘Advancing Team-based Care: Exploring Compensation Models.’ Alongside Brent Lawless from OSF Healthcare, Matt led a dynamic discussion with 25 attendees, primarily focused on provider organizations with a significant number of providers. 

At ProCARE, we’re passionate about providing capabilities to incentivize providers for team, value, risk and other strategic models – the constraint should not be on the methodology or calculation process, and your models should be easy to administer.

The session delved into the evolving landscape of team-based care compensation, aiming to define collective understandings and explore practical applications. Attendees participated in a pre-survey to guide discussions, highlighting the complexities and opportunities in implementing team compensation models. 

Matt’’s expertise and leadership facilitated a robust exchange of ideas, and discussions reinforced the importance for organizations to maintain flexibility of model components at various organizational levels, implementing the right technology to keep today’s core individual-based measures and introduce group-based measures and creating a purpose-built system to manage all organizational attributes, data, and linkages.

Click here for a complete summary of the breakout session discussion and survey responses!

As the curtains draw to a close on another successful National Provider Compensation and Workforce Strategy Conference, hosted by AAPCP, ProCARE emerges invigorated and inspired by the wealth of insights and connections fostered during this transformative event. With a renewed sense of purpose, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities and challenges that await us in the coming year. 

Armed with a commitment to revolutionize healthcare compensation and workforce management, ProCARE stands ready to guide organizations towards a future marked by enhanced alignment, improved outcomes, and greater equity. 

Whether you’re aiming to optimize compensation structures or enhance workforce alignment, ProCARE is here to guide you every step of the way. Additionally, we invite you to connect with us for further discussions on navigating the complexities of provider compensation and workforce strategy. Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter future in healthcare.


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