Apr 25, 2024

ProCARE is Now SOC 2 Type II Compliant



We are pleased to share the news that we have successfully completed our SOC 2 audit, and are now officially SOC 2 Type II compliant! This achievement underscores our unwavering dedication to safeguarding our customers’ data and fostering optimal outcomes for your organization.

We obtained our audited SOC 2 Report by partnering with Johanson Group who respectively review our internal controls including policies, procedures, and infrastructure regarding data security, firewall configurations, change management, logical access, backup management, business continuity and disaster recovery, security incident response, and other critical areas of our business.

Aligning with organizations who are SOC 2 compliant, is a critical step in ensuring your data is secure.

Understanding SOC 2 Compliance

For those unfamiliar, SOC 2 compliance is a pivotal milestone for any organization seeking to enhance its security measures and demonstrate its commitment to protecting sensitive information.

SOC 2 has a rigorous requirement on how companies handle customer data and information, so compliance guarantees there are established and implemented organizational practices in place to safeguard customer data.

Each SOC 2 report is customized to fit the unique requirements of the organization, allowing for the design of controls aligned with various principles of trust. These reports furnish stakeholders—ranging from regulators to business partners—with valuable insights into how data is managed within the organization.

Why SOC 2 Compliance Matters to ProCARE

At ProCARE, our foremost priority is to deliver unparalleled experiences to our valued customers. Achieving SOC 2 compliance not only validates our adherence to crucial standards but also provides reassurance that we are steadfast in our pursuit of excellence.

“Data security is of utmost importance at ProCARE. Every single ProCARE employee contributes towards the safety and security of all our data and assets on a daily basis. This is how we are able to maintain our SOC 2 compliance annually,” shared Jenny Young, ProCARE’s Senior VP, People & Culture.

This certification serves as tangible evidence of our commitment to maintaining robust security measures and upholding the highest standards of data protection. It underscores our proactive approach to risk management and affirms our dedication to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Explore ProCARE’s Security Standards

SOC 2 is just one aspect of our growing security program. We are committed to continually

improving our information security program and retaining an annual SOC 2 audit to ensure we

keep supporting our customers’ needs.
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