Dec 18, 2023

truRVU™, provider dissatisfaction, and high-tech tools in health management



Welcome to our December issue of ProCARE Perspectives. This month we’re highlighting the groundbreaking truRVU™ product, addressing the continuing provider dissatisfaction trends, and uncovering the importance of high-tech, dependable tools in health management.


truRVU™: A comp game-changer

One of ProCARE’s standout tools is truRVU™, a groundbreaking product designed to streamline data transformations and compensation calculations. This comp tool extension can address source system issues for any compensation need. Specifically with encounter data, traditional methods often struggle with modifier adjustments, bilateral procedures, and inconsistent compensation adjudication.  

ProCARE addresses these challenges by enabling organizations to fully adjudicate modifier adjustments and provide accurate compensation for services, ensuring fair payment for providers. Interested? Let’s talk!

Addressing provider dissatisfaction

Physician dissatisfaction is leading to an increase in doctors leaving practices or considering quitting. Pre-existing factors such as burnout and insufficient income contribute to this trend. The financial strain, stress, and ongoing challenges in the medical profession, including high student loan debt and malpractice premiums, have led to a significant number of doctors contemplating retirement or leaving the field.

Takeaway: How is your organization addressing provider (dis)satisfaction?

The risk of old, out-dated tools in health management 

Your comp model must recognize the value of the care your providers offer. This is essential for gaining support and advancing strategic initiatives, such as expanding service lines.Your infrastructure should provide the tools needed for modeling and adapting without requiring custom development. Key to this is integrating data from all sources, including payroll, practice management, internal databases, electronic health records, shift trackers, and population health management tools.

Takeaway: Discover how to ‘summit’ provider compensation in 2024


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