May 8, 2020

Tried and True Technology Defines the Enterprise Physician Compensation Software Market



ProCARE Portal brings proven Fortune 500 Incentive Compensation Management technology to healthcare to address the most complex physician compensation technology challenges

CHANDLER, Ariz., Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Since ProCARE Portal’s market release about a year ago, it has been blazing a new trail in the healthcare provider compensation frontier for physician compensation technology. There have been several software vendors to enter this space in recent years, including ProCARE, as the increasing challenges in this emerging market demands new technology. While all current vendors in the space may be effective in addressing streamlined and more simplistic compensation arrangements, ProCARE stands alone in being able to tackle the most complex models that support optimal compensation strategy at the enterprise level by leveraging proven concepts and architecture in Incentive Compensation Management technology rooted in the Fortune 500 arena.   

Cofounder and CEO of ProCARE Portal, Jack Liu says, “ProCARE was started with the enterprise customer in mind – large health organizations that have vast provider populations and contract arrangements with the most complex compensation models and components. We are fortunate to have a unique mix of domain expertise found in our core team in Fortune 100 ICM (Incentive Compensation Management) product innovation, healthcare provider compensation management and operations that affords us a vantage point that no one else has in this space. And it is from this unique vantage point that we are able to develop the most robust and scalable technology in the healthcare provider compensation software market today.”

The ProCARE platform has the flexibility and scalability to automate the most variable and complex compensation arrangements in the market without the need for routine services and custom development overhead. However advanced and marvelous the ProCARE physician compensation technology is, behind every instance of the tried and true Provider Compensation Management platform is its implementation, delivery, and customer success methodology also established in Fortune 500 enterprise SaaS delivery. With proven technology architecture and service methodology rooted in an established market across Fortune 500 verticals, ProCARE is poised to automate and advance healthcare provider compensation into the future.

About ProCARE Portal
ProCARE Portal is an enterprise healthcare provider compensation management platform that enables finance leadership and administrators of hospitals and health systems to calculate and process incentive compensation for physicians and advanced practice providers easier, timelier and more accurately through automation of manual compensation processes. Visit for more information.


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