Jan 25, 2023

Attracting Top Talent, Increasing Comp Rates, and Provider Well-Being


This month we discuss the healthcare job market, compensation rate trends and necessities to preventing burnout.

New job candidates are coming…will your organization be considered?

The 190 best jobs for 2023 are out, and 56 of the jobs are in healthcare-related fields. This predicted growth is great news for healthcare organizations that are struggling with staffing shortages and retention of high-quality workers. 

Takeaway: Do your compensation plans help attract this influx of potential new job prospects to your organization?

Specialty compensation continues to climb

Median total cash compensation for physician assistants and nurse practitioners continues to climb year-by-year, including base pay plus performance incentives. However, certain specialties – like cardiothoracic surgery, emergency surgery and urgent care make the top of the list. Organizations are reevaluating their pay structures and getting creative with incentives to compete for top candidates in these specialties.

Takeaway: How do your comp plans compare to competing health systems?

Success isn’t just about comp…

Roughly 7,000 NYC nurses ended their strike after reaching tentative contracts to increase wages (19.1% over three years) and improve staffing ratios. Staffing limitations remain a key influencer in provider burnout and well-being. 

Takeaway: How is your organization ensuring providers have the resources they need to provide quality care and prevent burnout?

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