Sep 18, 2023

Wellness-centered leadership, interventions for burnout, and the best places to work



Welcome to our September issue of ProCARE Perspectives. This month we’re highlighting wellness-centered leadership, discussing burnout (yes, still), and putting the spotlight on employers getting it right.


The future of leadership (and healthcare) is ‘wellness-centered’

Without a healthy and productive workforce, hospitals and health systems jeopardize their care quality and financial future. Wellness-centered leadership prioritizes the well-being of providers, cultivating engagement and fulfillment. By instituting evidence-based and innovative training programs, organizations can shift the future of healthcare.

Takeaway: How is your organization supporting the health & wellbeing of your physicians?

Burnout, burnout everywhere…

No surprise here…burnout is an all-too-familiar topic of conversation in healthcare. In the past year, emergency, hospital, family and pediatric medicine specialists seem to be hit the hardest. Note that how we define and discuss burnout is critical, and how we successfully address the syndrome depends on the profession.

Takeaway: What interventions is your organization considering to address burnout?

Employees want purpose

Where are the happiest employees? At employers that offer employees a purpose, an opportunity to make a difference, a chance to have fun at work and the feeling of being treated fairly. Maven Clinic, Texas Health Resources, White Glove Placement and TelaDoc were some of only a few healthcare companies to make the cut.

Takeaway: Not on the list and feel your organization should be? Apply for the certification here.

A backstage pass to the financial side of healthcare

Consider this your backstage pass to the world of physician compensation and production trends. Over the last several years, new challenges have complicated traditional approaches to provider compensation, particularly for those on productivity-based compensation plans. This report from Coker breaks down the nitty-gritty of how doctors are earning and working in over 100 different specialties.

Takeaway: How do your physician compensation plans compare to today’s trends?


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