May 8, 2020

Physician Compensation Technology Partnership Redefines Value



Automation Platform Allows for Innovative Service Delivery

ATLANTA, Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Coker Group is excited to announce our strategic partnership with ProCARE Portal. In looking to strengthen our position within the growing compensation technology market, we found ProCARE to be the most robust and scalable solution, with the ability to automate and manage all compensation models, even within the complexities of large healthcare organizations.

Justin Chamblee, Senior Vice President at Coker says, “Provider compensation must be aligned to the strategic goals of healthcare organizations for value-based and other initiatives to succeed. ProCARE provides strategic and operational capabilities that allow organizations to more easily manage the growing complexity of provider compensation models, helping drive the organization’s culture and economic position. The transition to value-based reimbursement has also shifted a certain amount of risk to healthcare organizations and its success is dependent on the participation of the provider population. The transparency, which ProCARE provides, improves healthcare provider relations within the organization and allows a provider’s compensation structure to more closely match their daily activities.”

Coker Group has partnered with ProCARE Portal because it allows healthcare organizations to model, shadow and manage innovative compensation structures while providing a framework to move healthcare providers to the most optimal model. ProCARE complements Coker Group’s traditional compensation strategy and design expertise and pairs their consulting services with the sophisticated technical capabilities of ProCARE. Together, Coker Group and ProCARE Portal are creating the best solution towards automated compensation delivery in the market today.

About Coker Group
Coker Group, a national healthcare advisory firm, assists hospitals, physician groups, and provider consortiums to develop customized solutions in four primary service areas: Strategy and Operations, Finance, Technology, and Executive Search. Our mission is to tailor an approach for each client that ensures strategic differentiation in the marketplace and the achievement of every goal across all performance areas. Through principled professional consulting, Coker Group assists healthcare providers in their pursuit of a sound business model and an enhanced patient experience. Coker Group’s advisors have the experience and creativity to find the right solution for any market and healthcare entity.

About ProCARE Portal
ProCARE Portal is a healthcare provider compensation management platform that enables finance leadership and administrators of hospitals and health systems to calculate and process incentive compensation for physicians and advanced practice providers easier, timelier and more accurately through automation of manual compensation processes.


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