Nov 11, 2021

[Case Study] Optimize Your Provider Onboarding Process with ProCARE



After implementing ProCARE within their organization, one of our clients went from an onboarding process that historically took one year to complete – down to one month

This significant reduction in the time to onboard new clinics helps them achieve their high growth goals and positions them as an attractive option for providers.

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The CARE Culture Podcast

Delve into the heart of what truly matters for organizations – cultivating a culture of compassion, empathy, and excellence.


Uplevel your compensation management and improve retention, productivity and performance.

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ProCARE partnered with a leading cancer treatment center to reduce compensation errors and overhead and improve provider trust.

ProCARE understands the business of compensation. They were our guides for building a platform for today and for the future.”

– Mat Hanley,
   VP of Finance

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