Jun 10, 2023

Meet Tracy Flanagan, ProCARE’s Senior Consultant



Get to know Tracy Flanagan, ProCARE’s Senior Consultant!

Tracy’s blended experience in SaaS implementation, provider compensation management, hospital revenue cycle, project management, and finance, help her consistently succeed in implementing business processes to solve complex problems utilizing innovative solutions. 

She is passionate about improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare ecosystems using her ability to build trusted relationships with multiple stakeholders to translate business requirements and coordinate project tasks.

Get to know Tracy’s take on the CARE Culture, challenges organizations face in implementing new software and what she does to relax after work!

How would you describe the CARE Culture, and why is it important for healthcare organizations to embrace?

Nearly everything we read about the industry that revolves around taking care of people is about how broken the system is. The CARE Culture reminds us all that we can influence change and restore purpose with one small step every day. Whether that is by providing exceptional patient care, conducting research to eliminate cancer, or by providing technology to improve efficiency….we can all contribute to making a difference to a patient. 

My contribution to the solution is to improve provider satisfaction (said another way…to reduce provider burnout) by ensuring that his/her compensation is calculated correctly and timely. It is one small piece of a very large puzzle. But, every piece matters.

What do most organizations find most challenging about managing compensation, in your opinion?

From a day-to-day operations perspective, I believe the most challenging aspect of managing compensation is data management. Physician compensation agreements typically require data from multiple sources (electronic health records, revenue cycle systems, data warehouses, payroll, manual data tracking sheets, etc). 

Gathering and manipulating data from multiple sources is time-consuming and error-prone. With so much effort focused on managing data and troubleshooting issues, physician compensation experts have little time for strategic activities.

From a strategic perspective, I believe the most challenging aspect of managing compensation is to create alignment between the organization’s culture and goals and the provider’s expectations to be compensated fairly.

How is ProCARE different from other compensation automation solutions?

The ProCARE solution is incredibly flexible and customizable. No two organizations have the same compensation plans, and most organizations have many variations of plans. The ProCARE solution provides flexibility to meet unique business requirements. 

The data transfer process allows clients to submit data from many different systems in whatever format they use internally, which reduces the burden on client IT resources. 

The rules-based engine enables users to maintain compensation calculations that are customized based on client-specific business requirements.

What inspired you specifically to work at ProCare?

Making a difference in healthcare is my passion. From my first meetings with Darius, Jack, Jenny, and Matt, I knew the entire ProCARE team shares that passion. The team embodies the CARE Culture. They work hard. They prioritize self-care. They challenge each other. They support each other. They celebrate successes. They teach each other. They are focused on doing what is right for our clients. They are just really great people. 

I’m thrilled to share my experience and passion for healthcare with this team and our clients.

What is the top challenge companies face in the software implementation phase?

Time. Most often, a software implementation project is assigned to busy people who already have a full-plate of priorities. Re-aligning those priorities to take on even more is challenging.  

Having project sponsors and leaders who are willing to re-align existing priorities so team members can put appropriate focus on the software implementation project is essential to meeting timelines.

What have you found to be the most effective strategies to streamline implementations?

In my opinion, the most important strategy for effective implementation is communication. It is essential in every phase of a project.  From client acquisition to client support—every member of the team must communicate to ensure a successful implementation. Effective communication is important because it builds trust, engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.

What gets you up in the morning?

This quote from Buddha motivates me to get my day started: “What you think, you become.  What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create”. 

I also always have a short list of ‘must-do today’ activities that motivate me to get moving.

How do you de-stress or relax after work?

Many of my evenings are spent at the ballpark or gym supporting my children’s sports teams. It is relaxing to watch them do things they enjoy and to catch up with friends. 

Neighborhood walks, yoga, motivational podcasts, family dinners, game nights, and Sunday night ice cream treats are other things that keep me grounded. 

Who is someone that inspires you (and why)?

My mother inspires me. She lived her life with grace, determination, strength, faith, and class.  She taught me to get up, dress up, show up, and never give up. Be like Betty. 

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