Jun 23, 2023

Meet Monika Pandya, ProCARE’s Human Resources Generalist



Get to know Monika Pandya, ProCARE’s Human Resources Generalist for our India office!

Monika’s multi-functional industry exposure and global recruitment experience help her facilitate employee relations, perform active and passive sourcing, generate quality candidates, and streamline on-boarding processes and vendor management.

Get to know Monika’s take on the CARE Culture, what she enjoys about working at ProCARE, and what inspires her.

monika pandya

What do you enjoy most about working with ProCARE?

There are a variety of factors that make me happy about working at ProCARE but foremost is the support I receive from my superior, Jenny Young. I also think being in the right work environment matters most to me and ProCARE is certainly an employee-oriented firm. I really value being in a collaborative space and working alongside co-workers who share the same values as me. Having this sort of alignment usually helps me stay engaged and focused on my work and makes an investment in the progress that we achieve as a team. 

I’ve never felt as fulfilled as a professional as when I’ve been a member of a tight-knit, cohesive team with relationships built on a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. This acts as an enterprising attribute of ProCARE’s individual and organizational development.

How would you explain the mission of ProCARE to someone who doesn’t know much about the organization?

We at ProCARE believe in the philosophy to empower individual’s and employee’s happiness, success, and well-being first. We instill pride in our employees, build trust and connection, and see ourselves as a critical differentiator in a competitive market. Hence, the value of a caring culture is ingrained in ProCARE management as well as our employees. It has become a part of our DNA and this positive ripple effect transforms our efforts into a powerful force for change that can be felt by the entire ecosystem of the organization: employees, management, leaders, customers and beyond.

What inspired you specifically to work at ProCARE?

ProCARE values and emphasis on collaboration, open communication, and fostering a culture of respect. This aligns perfectly with my own values and work ethics, as an experienced professional. 

I was looking to work with a company that would provide me with the opportunity to continuously learn and combine my professional expertise with my passion for making a difference. This is exactly what I found at ProCARE.

How would you describe the CARE Culture, and why is it important for healthcare organizations to embrace?

I believe CARE Culture is the behavior of holding shared feelings, thinking, and understanding in an organization and patients alike. It is defined as a sense of correlation, purpose, mutual respect, trust, and belongingness.

What gets you up in the morning?

My work routine is definitely the thing that motivates me to get going in the morning.

How do you de-stress/relax after work?

I usually don’t feel stressed after work, but if I do, I go out for a walk or shopping. I also enjoy good food or snacks like ice cream and pizza. And of course, long calls with loved ones or listening to chanting and prayers.

If you could spend your time doing one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

If I could spend my time doing one thing for the rest of my life it would be shopping…and my job!

Who is someone that inspires you (and why)?

My inspiration is the universally renowned and most religious Hinduism text. “Bhagwat Gita”/ “Gita” is a practical guide to one’s life that guides one to re-organize their life, achieve inner peace and self-discovery, and much more.

What are the most important things you consider when deciding on a new hire?

It’s the overall attitude. The right attitude decides not only the employee’s future, but the organization’s future too.Are you interested in joining Monika as a part of the inclusive and inspiring ProCARE team? Learn more here.


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