Mar 6, 2023

Nixing low wages, nurse ratios & the indefinite staffing shortage



This month we discuss the healthcare’s industry’s compensation trends, discussions around nurse ratios, and the indefinite staff shortage.

It’s (not) all about the nurse ratio…

High patient-to-nurse ratios can jeopardize care quality, reduce productivity and contribute to clinician burnout. While some states have introduced bills that limit the number of patients a nurse can legally care for at a time, some nurses are saying this still isn’t enough. Hospitals holding the keys to provider groups can cut comp when production dips – but yet may still be limiting the resources needed to create change.

Takeaway: Do your nurse and provider teams have the autonomy necessary to influence productivity?

Low wages are no longer being tolerated

More than 100 employees at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital staged a walkout, to protest low wages and staffing challenges. Negotiations with the hospital’s management have been going on for over six months, as healthcare workers seek higher pay and for poor retention and recruitment rates to be addressed.

Takeaway: Do your comp plans appropriately value employees, address retention concerns, and help you hire top talent?

The staffing shortage is here to stay 

A recent survey found that 1 in 3 registered nurses who provide direct patient care are considering quitting their jobs in the next year because of continued frustration and burnout. Health care organizations are being encouraged to accept this hard truth and understand the current conditions before implementing meaningful changes.

Takeaway: What resources does your organization provide to prevent burnout?


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