Feb 10, 2023

The CARE Culture: Happy People Inspire Superior Outcomes



Our future depends on the state of our healthcare system.

To succeed, we must prioritize innovation, technology and well-being.

We can influence change with one small step every day. 

With one individual action at a time. 

We can be the change we want to see in healthcare. 

And it starts today.

The CARE Culture Vision

Reverse the imminent decline of the healthcare industry by eliminating burnout and staffing shortages through a focus on overall employee well-being. 

The CARE Culture Defined

The CARE Culture is the cultivation of an organizational culture that authentically values team members and prioritizes employee well-being. Implementing the CARE Culture elevates provider satisfaction and engagement, eases retention and recruitment challenges, optimizes productivity and ultimately improves patient outcomes.

CARE Culture Pillars

We modeled these behavioral pillars after the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. At ProCARE we’re dedicated to empowering the next generation of leadership and maintain that adopting the CARE Culture calls for every individual to demonstrate the behaviors of effective leaders, modeling the way for transformation and excellence.

Change the Status Quo

Recognize the possibilities of the future. Challenge ‘how things have always been done’ and take steps towards a future that’s done differently. Examine initiatives of leading organizations that empower their teams and produce better outcomes. Explore beyond healthcare for innovative ways to encourage effective organizational change, reduce burnout and reinforce the value of team members.

Act As a Team

Assess the current state of employee well-being and inspire ownership over the changes to be made. Empower others to create the ideal organization, tackle challenges head-on, take risks and innovate around new solutions and programs.

Restore Purpose

Empower your employees to rediscover their passion, confidence and commitment to excellence, so that together you can accomplish extraordinary things. Create an empathetic and mindful environment that fosters work-life balance, values individuals, and celebrates accomplishments.

Embrace Technology

Technology enables efficiency and growth, and is a key element to success. Empower your organization by equipping individuals with the tools they need to succeed. Evaluate and implement solutions that fuel workforce efficiencies and create opportunities for victory.

Key CARE Culture Strategies

  • Motivate providers with competitive pay & transparent, trackable incentive programs
  • Equip providers with a dependable team & competent and involved leadership
  • Provide and encourage ample time off
  • Offer wellness programs or stipends to care for mental and physical health
  • Extend opportunities for continued education
  • Provide opportunities to collaborate/socialize with colleagues outside of work
  • Create an inclusive environment that acknowledges and respects differences
  • Provide representation and advocacy for each employed provider within the organization


The CARE Culture Podcast

Delve into the heart of what truly matters for organizations – cultivating a culture of compassion, empathy, and excellence.


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