Aug 15, 2022

August ProCARE Perspectives



Welcome to our inaugural issue of ProCARE Perspectives, where we highlight important, relevant healthcare, compensation, and provider integration topics. We’re here to help you keep up with it all!



Physician Well-being Matters

Well, that’s if you place importance on the patient experience and outcomes. HBR divulges a solution that emphasizes the positive, builds psychological safety, and fixes the systems. An analysis of 120K physicians showed that when they’re happy and connected with their work, they’re more likely to stay with the organization in the short and long term. We also dive into this topic with our discussion on “precision health” with Hamlet Benyamin, MD on our upcoming webinar.

Redefining Productivity

As provider productivity remains in the spotlight, we’re challenging organizations to redefine productivity to focus on moving their system forward. Instill a holistic approach to productivity that merges the traditional sense of productivity (seeing more patients) and productivity-improvement measures that reward team collaboration and encourage and empower providers with resources and data to identify and recommend changes that resolve patient logistic issues.

Compensation Compliance

Maintaining compliant compensation becomes more important than ever as retaining key providers becomes more challenging for organizations. Hospitals and health systems face the risk of fraud settlements of excess pay – like William Beaumont Hospital’s $1.7M settlement. Leveraging a compensation automation solution provides peace of mind by helping maintain compliance to offset some of that risk.

Cyber Attacks Impact Compensation

Likely more than any other industry, healthcare is constantly under the risk of cyber attacks. In the case of the ransomware attack on Kronos Group, health systems ended up overpaying their workers based on inaccurate estimates. This has some organizations asking – does our compensation system account for outages like this?


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