Mar 3, 2023

ProCARE Opens India Office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat



We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Opening a new physical office is an important milestone for ProCARE. This new space will promote further growth and expansion of our development, engineering, and professional services teams in India.  

“Our company would not be here without the hard work and talented team we have in India,” shared Jack Liu, ProCARE Founder & CEO, “We have a core team of four developers that have been with ProCARE from the start and built the software from the ground up. We knew it was time for the company’s growth and development to have a local office for our India team.”

Establishing a physical office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat helps acknowledge the importance of ProCARE’s local employees. In addition, it helps to create security and build credibility for the company, assisting in recruiting top talent to the team. 

“I know we have all gotten used to working remotely and working from home,” shared Piyush Thakker, leader of the development division in India, “but there is a stronger sense of team when we are together in person. The new office space allows the team to work together in real-time and increase efficiency when dealing with challenges. This will allow us to develop solutions quicker and more effectively for our client’s needs. It is so much easier to communicate with each other when we are all together in the same space.”

ProCARE’s Ahmedabad Office

Our company would not be here without the hard-working and talented team we have in India. 

“We prioritize and value our employees. By providing this beautiful, new, clean, and safe work environment we can continue to support and grow our team in India,” stated Jack at the Grand Opening event in February.

The CARE Culture, established by ProCARE, is about taking care of the people who take care of us. This new space helps in increasing team cohesion, strengthening team morale, and fostering collaboration efforts. 

The new office space where the Indian Development & Engineering team and the Indian Professional Services team are currently working can accommodate up to 23 employees, including the receptionist and office attendants. 

Celebrating the India Team & ProCARE Future

ProCARE India celebrated the Official Grand Opening of the new office on Wednesday, February 22, 2023, with a ribbon cutting ceremony, balloons, cake, team lunch outing to Peshawri in the ITC Narmada hotel, and everyone dressed in traditional Indian attire. This was a special occasion as members of the U.S. leadership team were in person to commemorate this milestone with the whole team. 

On Friday, the team spent the day off-site with all of our full-time Indian employees and their families. The day’s events kicked off with a team excursion on a 30-person tour bus, picking up team members from their homes early in the morning to head to The Neonz Resort where we were welcomed with cricket batting cages, volleyball, billiards, board games and more. 

“It was truly incredible to get to spend such quality time with the India team and their families, to further instill the importance of a healthy work culture, and carry out our team values in real-time,” shared Jenny Young, ProCARE’s SVP of People Ops, “I even learned how to play carrom – which is so much fun!”

At the end of the day, the team returned to Ahmedabad to an outdoor themed restaurant, Rajwadu, wrapping up celebrations with delicious food, conversation and a toast to ProCARE’s incredible team.


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