Oct 21, 2022

October ProCARE Perspectives



Welcome to our October issue of ProCARE Perspectives, where we highlight important, relevant healthcare news, compensation trends, and provider integration topics. We’re here to help you keep up with it all!


The Importance of Human Connection in Patient Experience

Patient experience is a vital part of healthcare. Vituity is reporting that experts are calling for a return to patient-centered care that will improve access, heal inequities, and restore trust in our broken healthcare system. However, ProCARE knows that a positive patient experience starts with physician well-being. Patient-first care is now truly inseparable from provider-first care. This makes it the perfect time to step back and determine if your providers are being valued and compensated appropriately to ensure they are able to provide a notable patient experience. 

It’s Time to Shift from a “One Size Fits All” Approach

How do we assess the barriers and processes for the healthcare workforce so we can deliver better care for everyone? Jack Liu and Dr. Hamlet Benyamin joined Mark Reiboldt, Coker Group EVP to discuss the shift from the lacking “one size fits all” approach to precision medicine & experience, and how the ProCARE Portal can help. This shift is crucial to all aspects of the healthcare delivery process, from physicians and advanced practice providers to supporting staff.

Employees Strike, Demanding Pay that Equates to Their Value

Provider satisfaction starts with satisfaction in compensation and protection of benefits. Members of the Service Employees International Union Healthcare Minnesota and Iowa went on strike recently at facilities operated by Allina Health, demanding pay that aligns with their training, background, and acknowledges the unique challenges of their positions. Is your organization providing FMV compensation or could you be at risk for a similar situation?

Clinicians Want OUT of Healthcare

Did you hear? Clinicians want OUT of healthcare! Their top reasons for leaving? BURNOUT, understaffing/under resourcing and compensation. Net promoter scores are dropping across health orgs – with hospitals, health systems, parent companies and private equity funds suffering the lowest scores. Time for a PULSE check with your providers. What is your net promoter score? Are you cultivating a culture of burnout? If so, it’s time to make some changes.

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