Sep 6, 2021

[Case Study] 26-Specialty Community Hospital



A 2020 ProCARE Case Study

ProCARE’s rules-based engine and proprietary automation algorithms empower any health organization to offload the manual burdens associated with compensation management, increase accuracy and efficiency of payments and better inform compensation decisions.

With our team’s transparent processes and deep, multi-faceted expertise in provider compensation management, incentive compensation management software, and healthcare operations management, our clients enjoy a streamlined implementation process that helps eliminate unknowns and ensure optimization for key objectives and development of the most beneficial environment possible.

Does your organization face the common challenge of complex variations in comp plans? You’re not alone. All of our clients have incredibly complex compensation models. The hospital we highlight in this case study had complex variations in comp plans with a very manual and convoluted Excel management process with frequent charge lag data requiring manual processing and limited transparency into payments and performance.

Provider demographic, contract data & one-off payments for directorships were inconsistent and spread out throughout the organization. Worse yet, there was no visibility into how quality components resulted in payment.

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Uplevel your compensation management and improve retention, productivity and performance.

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ProCARE partnered with a leading cancer treatment center to reduce compensation errors and overhead and improve provider trust.

ProCARE understands the business of compensation. They were our guides for building a platform for today and for the future.”

– Mat Hanley,
   VP of Finance

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