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[Case Study] 26-Specialty Community Hospital

By ProCARE Portal September 6, 2021

ProCARE’s rules-based engine and proprietary automation algorithms empower any health organization to offload the manual burdens associated with compensation management, increase accuracy and efficiency of payments and better inform compensation decisions. With our team’s transparent processes and deep, multi-faceted expertise in provider compensation management, incentive compensation management software, and healthcare operations management, our clients enjoy…

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What is Provider Compensation Automation?

By ProCARE Portal August 26, 2021
Provider Compensation Automation

The shift to performance-based compensation programs and value-based reimbursement models and measures introduces new complexities that can make compensation management challenging to develop, administer and optimize. To overcome these challenges, address the transition from volume-to-value-based care, and make informed decisions, organizations must have a transparent view into how clinicians are performing. To gain this visibility,…

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ProCARE Selected as Finalist in Venture Madness 2021

By ProCARE Portal August 13, 2021

Earlier this month, The ACA and InvestSouthwest announced the 25 companies that were selected as finalists in the Venture Madness Capital Conference. We’re proud to announce that ProCARE is one of the finalists selected in the category of Growth in this year’s competition! Venture Madness is the longest-running venture capital conference and pitch event in…

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How to Make Provider Compensation Scalable [Podcast Episode]

By ProCARE Portal August 9, 2021

ProCARE CoFounder, Matt BonDurant, joins Mark Reiboldt, Coker Group Executive Vice President, on Coffee with Coker to discuss how to make provider compensation scalable. Matt explains the advantages of compensation automation and how streamlining compensation models is detrimental to your strategic plan and goals. Episode Synopsis Every provider compensation model is unique. While there may…

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