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Compensation Methodology Best Practices: True-Up Payments

By ProCARE Portal February 1, 2021

It is common during the initial stages of our implementation process for our conversations to involve best practices for managing and automating various models of compensation. Many times, clients are following a methodology that was their best option without automation, but may require an upgrade with the implementation of automation. In this ‘Compensation Methodology Best…

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Provider Compensation Management: Solving the Compensation Conundrum

By ProCARE Portal December 15, 2020

Appropriately incentivizing your providers is imperative to drive strategy and alignment within your organization. But, what makes sense in theory, doesn’t always make sense in practicality.  When it comes to compensation management, the inconsistencies in data access and gaps between strategy and operations need to be narrowed significantly, if not eliminated, for your team and…

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ProCARE’s automation helps hospital achieve an 80% reduction in FTE hours on comp management and delivery

By ProCARE Portal May 8, 2020
hospital achieves greater efficiency with ProCARE

CHALLENGES This multi-specialty community hospital has various provider types and many complex variations due to the nature of their 26 specialties, rural location and historical relationships. A very manual and convoluted Excel workbook that contained considerations for 20 different comp plans with separate tabs for each specialty and provider was very difficult and time consuming…

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Physician Compensation Technology Partnership Redefines Value

By Coker Group May 8, 2020
ProCARE and Coker partnership

Automation Platform Allows for Innovative Service Delivery ATLANTA, Sept. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Coker Group is excited to announce our strategic partnership with ProCARE Portal. In looking to strengthen our position within the growing compensation technology market, we found ProCARE to be the most robust and scalable solution, with the ability to automate and manage all compensation models,…

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