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Unique Domain Expertise – When we say we know what it is like to manage physician and provider compensation, we really mean it. ProCARE was created BY compensation managers FOR compensation managers and the people directly involved in the healthcare provider comp process to restore integrity and peace of mind. ProCARE Portal was created through a unique mix of domain expertise rooted in the Fortune 100 Incentive Compensation Management arena with a proven technology and architecture:

ProCARE Portal LLC

245 N. Highland Ave. NE
Suite 230-328
Atlanta, GA 30307

Fortune 100 Incentive Comp Management Product Innovation

Fortune 100 Incentive Comp Management Product Innovation

Healthcare Provider Compensation Management

Healthcare Provider Compensation Management

Physician Organization Operations Management

Physician Organization Operations Management


Our mission is to empower healthcare finance and comp administrators to do more and to enrich their professional experience through automation software. Our vision is to inspire change and performance in healthcare. And our values, captured in our namesake, serves to support our mission, vision and culture:

Professionalism, Customer focus, Accountability, Respect, Empathy



Coker Group, Advisory Partner – Consulting and Strategic Services

To enhance our leadership support with the breadth and depth of industry expertise, ProCARE has established a partnership with a leading healthcare consulting company. Coker Group provides us with over 30 years of industry experience in healthcare management services and resources throughout the country with expertise in compensation, value, strategy, operations, finance and technology.

ProCARE is a Revolutionizing Technology in a Pivotal Area of the Healthcare market.

Coker Group