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ProCARE Portal was created through a unique mix of domain expertise rooted in the Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) arena across Fortune 100 and 500 verticals including biotech, fintech, telco and high tech. We leveraged 2 decades of proven concepts in ICM product design and architecture and adapted it to address the most complex challenges in physician and healthcare provider compensation.

When we say we know the pains of managing compensation today, we really mean it. We've lived through the routine challenges of organizing, calculating, and validating compensation elements in mountains of spreadsheets, and we understand physicians from the challenges they face, the value they provide, and the dynamics involved in alignment with organizations.

ProCARE was started with the belief that if we systematically automate these time consuming and error prone processes while providing full transparency and control, everyone in the healthcare ecosystem will benefit from the improved outcomes of redirecting time and focus to healthcare strategy and optimization rather than being mired in managing processes.

Group 31

Unique Domain Expertise

We have a unique mix of domain expertise across our core team that enables us to
create a robust and scalable enterprise solution for provider compensation management.

Group 1030

Fortune 500 Incentive Compensation Management

Group 1083

Fortune 500 Incentive Compensation Management Software Innovation

Group 1027

Healthcare Provider Organization Operations Management

Group 1082

Physician Compensation Management

Group 969

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to empower healthcare finance and comp administrators to do more and to enrich their professional experience through automation software. By "doing more", we mean the ability to focus on strategy and optimization instead of being mired in manual process management. This directly contributes to our vision, which is to inspire change and performance in healthcare. Our core values, captured in our namesake, serve to support our mission, vision and culture:

Professionalism From every email we send to every discussion we have, whether internal or external, we strive to set the bar for business conduct.
Customer focus Our promise is to keep our customers' satisfaction our #1 priority. There is almost nothing we won't do to keep you happy.
Accountability We are not perfect by any means, but we take pride in what we do and will always take responsibility for our actions and deliverables.
Respect This is a necessary core value on a personal and professional level for fostering a positive culture and environment for everyone.
Empathy We believe, in order to develop and deliver the best products and services, we have to be able to walk in the shoes of every customer.

Leadership Team


Jack Liu

Founder & CEO

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John Hancock

Chief Commercial Officer

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Matt BonDurant

Founder & Senior Partner

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Hamlet Benyamin, MD

Chief Medical Advisor

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Justin Chamblee

Venture Partner & Advisor

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Darius Hodge

Founder & Senior Partner

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Karen Cummings

Chief Marketing Officer

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What our Customers are Saying!



What our Customers are Saying!

“No matter what, I think any company is going to have some exceptions and if your system can handle the exceptions to the rule, they won’t be quite as burdensome on your support staff. ProCARE’s system has allowed us to do this.”

Kathleen Ward

Director, Revenue Analysis Pathway Vet Alliance

"We spent so much time manually updating our excel workbooks and reports constantly, with every comp change and personnel change. Having ProCARE has been a game changer for us!"

Judy N.

Manager, Enterprise Medical Group, National specialty care network

"ProCARE provides strategic and operational capabilities that allow organizations to manage the growing complexity of provider compensation models and drive its culture and economic position."

Justin C.

Director of Operations, National healthcare consulting firm

"ProCARE Portal's innovation is Star Trek compared to what we've done in the past!"

Jeff S.

CFO, Physician Group Integrated care network

"ProCARE Portal is a revolutionizing technology in a pivotal area of the healthcare market."

Max R.

President, Healthcare strategy consulting firm